International Air Law and ICAO by M.Milde

International Air Law and ICAO by M.Milde


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For the first time in the last half century of the development of international air law in Russia, for the readers is presented with a Russian translation of the monograph by a foreign author, a world-famous air law specialist, former Director of the ICAO Legal Department and Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University, Michael Milde. This book reviews the history of development and the current state of all major issues of international air law, including the legal status of airspace and the regime of international flights, the status of aircraft engaged in international air navigation, international legal regulation of commercial air transport operations and the control of acts directed against the security of civil aviation. In addition, of course, the author pays much attention to the analysis of the organizational structure of ICAO and the practical aspects of its activities, as well as the provisions of the Chicago Convention itself as the main international treaty in the field of air law.
Professor Milde's book can be equally useful for lawyers, practitioners, students, graduate students and teachers, as well as for individuals who are engaged in research activities in the field of international law and air law.

We are also pleased to announce that the Russian translation of Professor Michael Milde's book "International Air Law and ICAO" opens a new direction for the AEROHELP Institute of Air and Space Law - the translation into Russian and the publication of works on air and space law of foreign authors. We would like to thank the team of translators, editors and other colleagues of the Institute for conscientious and high-quality work.

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Мильде, М. Международное воздушное право и ИКАО [Текст] / Под. ред. О.И. Аксаментова; С предисл. А.А. Баталова; Пер. с англ. А. М. Бобкова и др. – СПб.: Институт AEROHELP, 2017. – 430 с. ISBN 978-5-4465-1579-0

© 2015 Michael Milde. © Russian translation Institute AEROHELP 2015. This book was previously published in English by Eleven international publishing. Original title: “International Air Law and ICAO, 2nd edition” by Michael Milde. © 2012 Eleven international publishing/ Michael Milde