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The main objective of the AEROHELP Legal Services is the provision of legal services in the field of aviation. We work with Russian and foreign airlines, airports, providing legal support to the aviation business, as well as providing legal assistance to aviation personnel. All lawyers and experts of the AEROHELP Legal Services have higher legal education, and many of them are also active teachers of branch and legal universities of different countries.

We provide services both in Russia and abroad. AEROHELP Legal Services has an office in Tallinn, which allows us to provide legal services in the countries of the European Union both directly and through a partner network all over the world. We accompany international projects on the principle of "one stop shop", which means coordinating the work of lawyers working on projects in different countries.

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AEROHELP - Your reliable legal partner

The logical continuation of the product line of the AEROHELP project is the provision of qualified legal assistance in the application and interpretation of acts of air legislation in Russia and other countries. To realize this task, we created the AEROHELP Legal Services. The internal standard of AEROHELP is that the specialists have a master's or specialist degree in law, a candidate or a doctor of science. Some have the status of a lawyer.


An essentiall part of the AEROHELP project is the satisfaction of the needs of an unlimited number of people in obtaining new knowledge in the field of legal regulation of aviation relations, as well as providing qualified legal assistance in the application and interpretation of acts of air legislation in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

To realize this task, we have created the Non-State Educational Private Institution of Additional Professional Education "Institute of Air and Space Law "AEROHELP", which is an association of lawyers specializing in the provision of services in the field of law to subjects of aviation activities, as well as to persons who entered into legal relations with them.

Our team

Anton Mirolevich

Managing partner, Attorney


Diana Ilyina

Senior partner, Attorney


Oleg Aksamentov

Senior partner

St. Petersburg

Boris Lairand

Partner, PPL


Victor Snegirev

Legal adviser


Vyacheslav Sakmarov

Partner, Attorney


Ksenia Shunkova


St. Petersburg

Angela Konovalova
Partner, attorney

Ilona Tsimbal


St. Petersburg

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